Bank Leumi Launches Mobile-Only Banking

If you’re looking to create or evangelize the software defined data center, take a look at this case study about one of Israel’s largest financial institutions, Bank Leumi.

In order to deliver the country’s first mobile-only bank, it needed a more responsive IT environment that would enable it to bring new services to market quickly and cost effectively. As part of this initiative, it also needed to bring together existing siloes of data and development teams to help its existing bricks-and-mortar brand, as well as its new mobile-only brand, to develop and operate efficiently and deliver a great experience to its customers.

The bank implemented a private cloud based on EMC Hybrid Cloud with VMware NSX-v and Dell EMC vBlock, based on a software-defined data center model powered by Intel® Xeon® processors E5 family. This combines networking, storage and servers into one environment, optimized for the needs of its applications.

With the new private cloud infrastructure:

  • New services can be set up in three hours, instead of the three weeks required previously;
  • Projects can be executed in an hour, which used to take three weeks;
  • Firewall policies can be defined in just 15 minutes, instead of eight hours; and
  • Developers and stakeholders can also work more efficiently to create new products and services.