Creating the Collaborative Cancer Cloud with Oregon Health & Sciences University and Intel

By delivering the latest AI and data analytics technologies, cloud service providers can enable research aimed at uncovering lifesaving discoveries. This video explains how the Collaborative Cancer Cloud (CCC), created by Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) and Intel, is making precision medicine – the idea that patients with the same cancer may require different treatments – a reality.

The CCC is a precision medicine analytics platform that:

  • Allows researchers to securely share genomic, imaging, and clinical data;
  • Offers workflow orchestration to minimize data transfers; and
  • Performs joint computations across multiple sites, allowing data to be shared while preserving patients’ privacy.

By 2020, Intel and OHSU envision the entire treatment process for a patient, from diagnosis to treatment plan, happening in just 24 hours. Key technology components of the CCC will also be open sourced, so research institutions of all sizes can use the technology to advance cancer research, and apply it to advance research in conditions such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.