Deploying VMware solutions on an Intel platform to improve IT service delivery

Sometimes internal customers are the toughest to please, but cloud service providers can help their clients rise to this challenge. This video reveals how Umeå University in Sweden used Intel and VMware technologies to manage high levels of internal demand for its IT services. When departments requested new server capacity, it typically took weeks or even months to fulfil their requests, and required a large amount of costly hands-on support.

Umeå University deployed an SDI solution with 18 virtual hosts, each equipped with dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors. It also used 220TB of all-flash storage, connected to the virtual host using Cisco network infrastructure. This was all located in two separate data centers, connected to public clouds to extend the availability of their services. The university is also deploying VMware vRealise, and VMware ESXi solutions.

Thanks to this architecture:

  • The time taken to deploy new services fell from 5 days to just 30 minutes;
  • The launch of a new customer self-service portal also led to improved customer satisfaction; and
  • The university calculates it will see a full return on investment in 12 months.

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