EasyStack Collaborates with Tsinghua University to Create the Largest Chinese Research Cloud Platform

If you’re looking to deploy OpenStack, or have clients considering it, this case study includes some statistics that really show what it can do. The OpenStack cloud platform at the Tsinghua University has:

  • Cut the institution’s data center procurement cost by 60 percent;
  • Cut its time spent on daily IT management by 33 percent; and
  • Cut its electricity costs by 80 percent.

It is used to perform advanced research in many emerging areas, such as DNA sequencing, social networking, and natural language analytics. It has 6,000 cores, with 16TB of memory and 540TB of storage, making it China’s largest production/education/research all-in-one OpenStack cloud platform.

Read the white paper to see how EasyStack helped create the cloud platform, including providing the ESCloud cloud management platform, and configuring the cloud for high performance, high availability and backup.