G Cloud Deploys Intel® Virtual Gateway in Remote Data Center

Cloud servers are often located in particular geographies to deliver the best performance for their user communities, but that can create a weak point in the service should a server go down. Shanda Games has found a way to recover quickly.

Shanda Games’ G Cloud is a cloud computing platform that delivers gaming experiences for Shanda Games’ own portfolio as well as for external customers. The stability of the G Cloud infrastructure is paramount as downtime or unexpected loss of accumulated game credits jeopardizes online gamers‘ loyalty to the games and creates distrust toward the game provider. But with online gaming deployed regionally, a single point of failure in one area could lead to loss of data across that geography. The G Cloud data center ops team needs to conduct recovery and maintenance remotely – a working method that could delay problem detection, slow the response of on-site staff and negatively impact on valuable customers.

Shanda Games deployed the Intel® Virtual Gateway solution across their G Cloud infrastructure. This allows them to:

  • Efficiently detect existing failures and eliminate potential ones by replacing manual checks with automatic ones;
  • Realize remote automatic management of the data center, enhancing efficiency, saving money on hardware procurement and human resources; and
  • Improve the stability and efficiency of G Cloud’s IT infrastructure.