Johnson & Johnson deploys hybrid cloud to meet IT infrastructure demands

Johnson & Johnson can help you to demonstrate the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure to your clients. The company aims to virtualize up to 85 percent of its environment. Already it has:

  • Cut provisioning time from three months to under an hour;
  • Cut the cost of its large ERP environment by half; and
  • Increased its performance by 60 percent.

Its architecture is based on private cloud environments with public cloud providers, and it has introduced highly automated security and compliance processes. Every 15 minutes, every object in its infrastructure is checked for security and operational correctness.

On the back of this infrastructure, Johnson & Johnson has launched cloud-enabled virtual desktops, call center as a service, and big data applications. For a company that grows through acquisition, it has been especially valuable to be able to achieve visibility of all its data, with a view across the islands that the old infrastructure enforced. Its cost of integrating large ERP platforms has been cut by half, while the time taken has been cut by two-thirds: compelling numbers that can help you to explain the benefits of the cloud.