Launching An Enhanced Security Cloud Solution With Intel and VMware

Reaching new customers in the crowded cloud computing sector is very difficult, which means innovation is essential. To differentiate its Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, phoenixNAP is working with Intel and VMware to build a cloud solution with enhanced security that doesn’t come at the cost of performance.

To do so, they are using the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and the VMware vSphere* virtualization platform to develop the ‘Data Security Cloud’: a solution that combines the flexibility of cloud computing with enhanced hardware security features. By partnering with Intel, phoenixNAP were able to get pre-launch access to new processors, engineering expertise, and bespoke financial modelling to help optimize virtual machine density in the data center.

Thanks to this partnership:

  • phoenixNAP was able to begin work on the Data Security Cloud as early as possible, reducing time-to-market
  • The solution is being launched in cooperation with Intel and VMware, enabling phoenixNAP to reach more customers
  • phoenixNAP has been able to differentiate its business by giving customers the ability to protect sensitive workloads in the cloud