Launching HPC-as-a-Service Offering on Intel® Technology for a Competitive Edge

High-performance computing (HPC) operators have been slow to adopt a cloud approach due to concerns around public cloud performance, a lack of specific HPC expertise in the cloud industry, and the failure of CSPs to deliver a consumption model that meets their requirements.

Quick to seize an opportunity for differentiation, Nordic CSP Advania Data Centers (ADC) has brought to market an HPC-as-a-Service (HPCaaS) offering that addresses all of these customer concerns, and more.

Thanks to technology from Intel, combined with its own extensive cloud and HPC expertise, ADC is now able to offer its customers high-performing, easily scalable HPC infrastructure either hosted, as a service, or as a hybrid of both these approaches.

The ability to offer HPCaaS brings huge revenue-generating potential and service differentiation to ADC. Currently there are few HPC operators using the cloud for their HPC workloads, so the potential for growth is significant.