Packet Provides Infrastructure for Developers

The pressure is on for cloud service providers (CSPs) to facilitate ever increasing workload requirements. In addition to higher demand, customers are also searching for greater control over their environment, requesting direct access to hardware. In a standard cloud environment, users are provided with a virtual machine (VM) as the foundation for their infrastructure. VMs act as a powerful resource, however they often prevent customers from making decisions surrounding the underlying software, such as the use of a hypervisor. Packet, a leading provider of bare metal cloud services, keep infrastructure automation to a minimum. This enables customers to retain control over their applications, selecting the software tools that best suit their needs. Intel is an ally in providing support to companies who seek to innovate their hardware offering, and worked on a collaboration with Packet called “Accelerate with Optane”. During this collaboration, in addition to providing customers’ with the ability to make their own choices, Packet also witnessed increased performance and cost-efficiency.