Real-Time Analytics Examples

Cloud technology enables us to tackle complex but critical challenges. By allowing us to bring together data from multiple sources and run real-time analytics, it is helping scientists in a range of disciplines make a significant impact on our daily lives and the future of the planet.

For example:

  • FarmLogs has developed a cloud-based solution that helps farmers improve their productivity. Globally, the agricultural industry needs to increase production by around 50 percent by 2050, but at the same time we’re losing farm land every year. The FarmLogs app allows farmers to see all that’s happening across their farms in real time, including weather conditions, and vegetative health. With this deeper insight, farmers can reduce waste and increase production.
  • The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network is using cloud technology to pull together vast amounts of data from monitors and GPS stations across Oregon and Washington. Using real-time analytics, the team can alert people more quickly when an earthquake is likely or in progress, as well as predicting the severity and impact a quake is likely to have. Even a few additional seconds’ warning can help save money, save lives and protect the economy.

Both solutions are based on the Intel® Xeon® processor.