Scaling Containers Across the Hybrid Cloud

NCSoft, a video game developer, prefers to host its established games in-house, both to lower costs and to enable performance optimization in its stack. However, if there is an unexpected rise in demand from players, the company needed to be able to scale into the hybrid cloud smoothly.

NCSoft Software used modules that require dynamic performance and scalability are based on the Intel® Xeon® Gold processor, and worked with Intel to optimize application performance using Intel® developer tools and compilers. It also used Intel® SSDs to accelerate the writing of player logs and other files and deployed a hybrid cloud container-based infrastructure, with Kubernetes used to orchestrate containers in the hybrid cloud.

NCSoft found that these upgrades:

  • Enabled fluid scalability in the hybrid cloud, striking a balance between the performance optimizations that can be achieved in-house and the scalability of the public cloud
  • Increased performance by removing storage bottlenecks