Software-Defined Storage Enables Agility and Faster Analytics

To make the case for using SSDs to accelerate your cloud infrastructure, it’s useful to have some research that shows the benefit. That’s provided here in a case study about UBS AG, a Fortune 100 financial institution. The organization strengthens its competitive stance with business intelligence (BI) derived from increasingly sophisticated analytics. Its IT group wanted to incorporate BI tools into its storage system so it could perform analytics tasks efficiently on the enterprise data in situ, rather than moving data into a separate system for analysis. Coho Data collaborated with Intel to build a flexible, scalable solution using a software-defined storage model and a data-centric infrastructure.

In testing performed in a comparable configuration—but without the Coho Data storage components—Intel staff members tested standard spinning hard disk drives against Intel SSDs in a multi-tenant environment. The results indicated that individual jobs took up to 2.5 times longer to complete on spinning drives than on the flash-based system.