UOL is a pioneer at using Intel® Trusted Execution Technology for cloud computing in the Brazilian market

Some companies have shied away from the cloud because they have been concerned about its security. UOL has implemented Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT), in conjunction with Virtustream control software. Intel® technology implements a security layer on the hardware, preventing attacks and the insertion of malicious code during the server boot process.

Intel TXT is a mechanism that has a safety root linked to a component called TPM (Trusted Platform Model). Using this component, it is possible for all software elements to be validated by the hardware, as of the moment the system starts up. In a data center, for instance, the technology prevents any inserted malicious code in the hypervisor from infecting all the virtual machines in operation.

Read the case study to see how you can offer a higher level of security to your cloud customers, and win their business.